Port Sunlight Choral Society

Port Sunlight Choral Society Group Photograph

Port Sunlight Choral Society was founded in 1970 when a group of Unilever employees with a common interest in singing came together to form a small choir. I was asked to produce some photographs for use on their new website.

As with most commissions, there were several factors that I had to overcome in order to get the images I wanted. I could only photograph the choristers from certain points around the building and I could not intrude into their space. Some of the pieces that sang had quiet passages and I used the “quiet mode” on my camera to reduce the amount of sound that the shutter made – my tip-toeing skills came in handy too!

The group photo at the top of this blog was reasonably technically demanding. I wanted to make sure all of the singers’ faces were sharp and in focus and that the background was bright and not fade into a black nothingness. I used 2 off camera flash units about 8ft off the ground, just to give a bit of a highlight to the choristers’ faces and uniforms.

You can see these photographs and some others I took at a different venue on their website >>> http://www.portsunlightchoralsociety.org.uk/

Port Sunlight Choral Society Singers 1

Port Sunlight Choral Society Choristers

Port Sunlight Choral Society Conductor

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