Mayoral Visit to “Old Dock” in Liverpool

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many mayors in one place at the same time – I wonder if there is a collective noun* for mayoral parties!

Whatever the name, a group of mayors and civic dignitaries were given a guided tour of the Old Dock as part of an official tour of central Liverpool’s tourist attractions.  I was asked to photograph the leg of the tour that involved a subterranean visit to the Old Dock.

In 1708 the merchants who controlled Liverpool Corporation employed Thomas Steers to design the dock and it was constructed in 1715.

He converted the mouth of the Pool (which followed the present day Whitechapel/Paradise Street) into a dock with quaysides and a river gate. This made it possible for ships to load and unload whatever the state of the tide, which was a revolutionary facility for the Port of Liverpool.

You can visit the Old Dock yourself – details can be found here >>>

*After some investigation, I think the collective noun for a group of mayors is a “magnificence”, but I quite like the idea that a group of mayors should be called a “chain gang!”

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