Liverpool ONE “Tickle the Ivories” Promotional Video


I worked on a collaborative video project to promote the Liverpool ONE “Tickle the Ivories” summer long piano busking event.

We had to come up with a proposal that met the client’s expectations, in terms of quality and performance across various social media platforms.

The client had arranged for performances on the pianos at a number of locations in Liverpool and the surrounding region.  This was a promotional tour in itself, with staff handing out leaflets with a view to encourage people to come and play the pianos at Liverpool ONE.

I came up with the initial concept which was then worked on together with my collaborative partners.  As the pianos were already booked in to play at various interesting locations, we added a couple more to add a bit more variety and to help the story develop.

The concept was that the pianos had been “hibernating” over the winter and then went on a journey from their place of hibernation, ending up at Liverpool ONE. This really piqued the interest of the marketing team at Liverpool ONE and we were given the go-ahead to produce the film.

Working with three crew and representatives from Liverpool ONE, we filmed the project over the course of a week. Delivery of the finished film was the following week, when it was hailed as a “masterpiece” by the commissioning client.

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