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Mr Box produce bespoke shipping containers for a variety of uses. I was asked to photograph one of their specialist containers fitted out as a fire-fighting equipment store (or “chacon” as the are officially known.)

The brief was simple enough – just produce a series of images that show the interior and exterior features of the chacon. As always, however, there are circumstances that conspire against you! The container was situated in a large workshop; this was a working environment and other jobs were continuing as the photographs were being taken. I had to ensure that I did not impede the people working at the same time as producing photographs of a high enough standard for the client. Moreover, with the workshop being an industrial site, it was not particularly suited to being a studio, so I had to carefully choose what was in the background to avoid the general clutter of machinery, etc.

The chacon was then moved outside for the exterior shots. The sun had been out whilst taking the shots in the workshop, but as soon as it was moved outside, the clouds came over and it started to rain! Fortunately, there were short instants when the sun did break through (sometimes for only a few seconds) and it was during these snatched moments that I managed to get the images I needed.

The full set of photographs can be seen on the Mr Box website, here >>>

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